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Hey Guys There is one last round of that coin code contest i havebeen trying to win! I NEED YOU!!! To help me win!

If you could go to this site

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Festival of Flight Cheats

Hey Everybody,

Have you been soarin the skys?

I HAVE!!!!!!!

I think the festival of flight is ok but the tallest mountain is cool!

How To get to the Tallest Mountain

1. Go to the forest!

ff forest

2. Get in the Hot air Balloon! You are now on your way to the tallest mountain. Where a surprise COUGH Jetpack COUGH waits for you!

ff balloon ride

3.Exit the balloon!


ff tallest mountain


Now for the Non-members free item!

1. Go to the plaza

2. Walk over to the box with the green propellor cap in it!

ff plaza

The Cloudmaker3000 is on the ski mountain!

ff mountain

So those are the main cheats for the Festival of Flight!

The new pin is located in the mines

new pin 8-14-09

Thats it for now,


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Series4 TREASURE BOOK!!!!:)








July 31, 2009 at 3:22 pm 1 comment

Adventure Party!!!

THE ADVENTURE PARTY IS SWEET!!!!!! The non- member free item is in the plaza. It’s a green explorer hat……………..

Adventure party plaza

Also Fairy Fable Came out today. Check out the cheats in another post.

Also the Members get a member only treefort which has a snowball eating plant  (one of the 101 days of Fun Challenges) and it also has a free item the free item is a Blue bird that goes on your shoulder,

Adventure party treefort room

TO get to the treefort go into the forest and theres a ladder. Also the flowers in the forest turn whatever color the newest penguin to come in the room is.


1. The first one is in the underground pool. NOT THE SUPER POOL

Object 1

2.  The second item is in the cove its a Big dead  looking plant by the surf shack.

object 2


3. The next object is in the Dock. Its a little green turtle sitting by a rock. XD THAT RHYMES

object 3


4. The next object is easier to find its in the snow forts

object 4


Oh and have you guys seen the SUPER POOL. Trust me its cool go and check it out.

5.  You can see it from the ice burg. Its a whale in the distance. Click the  spraying water

object 5


6.  This next one is in the Plaza

object 6


7. This next one is where it all started. AT THE BEACH

object 7


8. The last one is in the forest by the twin water falls

object 8


There we go you finished the Scavenger Hunt Now you get a PRIZE. OH I WONDER WHAT IT COULD BE?????

Oh its just a background

Adventure party background

June 14, 2009 at 3:23 am 4 comments



Party on June 8th!



Server: Brumby

Time: 11:30 AM  Penguin Time                                                                                                                                                         Sarah19052

Eastern Time: 2:30 PMSeeker54

Central Time: 1:30 PM       

Pacific Time: 11:30 AM

Place: Cove

Blah Juju, Sarah19052, Lebird, Seeker54 (me) and we will be adding!!!!!



Blah JujuBlah Juju


Sorry about the quick change Blah Juju wasn’t able to make it at 10:30 AM Club Penguin Time!   Thank You for your understanding!

Sorry everyone about the pictures!!!  I toke them badly, sorry!

June 8, 2009 at 4:30 pm 4 comments

Old Book Codes!

Old Book Codes

Ultimate Official Guide To Club Penguin:

  • Page 9- Sometimes
  • Page 35– Misses
  • Page 38- Scavenger
  • Page 40- Examples
  • Page 62- Picture
  • Page 63- How
  • Page 64- Fishing
  • Page 65- Storage
  • Page 71- Seats
  • Page 71- Musical
  • Page 73– Search
  • Page 75 Tossing
  • Page 77- Buying
  • Page 101- Donated
  • Page 117- Jerseys
  • Page 118 Squads
  • Page 140 Breeze
  • Page 141– Combined
  • Page 143 Secret
  • Page 155- Queen
  • Page 156- Small
  • Page 169- Start
  • Page 171- Annual
  • Page 175 Crown
  • Page 176- Item
  • Page 179 Penguins
  • Page 182- Actions

Club Penguin Stowaway:

  • Page 6- Mysterious
  • Page 40- Waterfall
  • Page 52- Deck
  • Page 80 – Penguin
  • Page 177- Puffle

New Book Codes

The Inventor’s Apprentice

  1. What word is on page 5, 5 words from the left on line 10?
    Code: Good
  2. What word is on page 5, 4 words from the left on line 3?
    Code: Board
  3. What word is on page 6, 5 words from the left on line 17?
    Code: Plans
  4. What word is on page 6, 7 words from the left on line 14?
    Code: Extreme
  5. What word is on page 7, 2 words from the left on line 12?
    Code: Find
  6. What word is on page 7, 7 words from the left on line 17?
    Code: Where
  7. What word is on page 8, 7 words from the left on line 4?
    Code: Round

Secret Agent Hand

  1. What word is on page 5, 6 words from the left on line 9?
    Code: Give
  2. What word is on page 5, 3 words from the left on line 5?
    Code: Fashions
  3. What word is on page 5, 4 words from the left on line 18?
    Code: Decides
  4.  What word is on page 5, 4 words from the left on line 2?
    Code: Matter

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Adventure Party!!!, MESS UP!!


Disney  MESSED UP AGAIN. They put a cp add for the adventure party (June 12-16) on their site and now its gone because they relized they were not supposed to tell anybody.

Here is the original add

ADventure PartySorry on the delay!!

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